Instant TurboTax support for TurboTax Advantage customers

TurboTax a renowned name that comes to people’s minds when they wish to file a tax return. It not only helps a user in filing tax returns but also allows them o calculate their taxes easily. The TurboTax Advantage members get several opportunities that are not given to regular customers. So, if you have made your mind to buy a TurboTax subscription, then you should not wait any longer.

turbotax phone number customer service

When you will get to learn about the amazing benefits that an ‘Advantage’ customer receives, you will not be able to stop yourself from joining this membership. The most amazing benefit that is loved by the users is the TurboTax phone number customer service for all types of queries that comes to a user’s mind.

TurboTax Advantage- what it is?

When a user becomes an Advantage customer, he can easily get his hands on the pre-ordered TurboTax software by downloading it. It can be deployed as soon as it becomes available in the market or on the official website of TurboTax. This can be also done even before the downloadable CD arrives in your mail.

Along with this, users also get free shipping on orders, and the TurboTax live chat support option. Turbo tax phone number live person will get you to have spoken to a live person who will listen to all your queries and try to deliver a reliable solution for it. Also, there are no annual fees for using it. In addition to this, you always get a direct-from-TurboTax price. This service can be canceled anytime whenever you feel that there is no need for using it.

How to become a TurboTax Advantage member?

Users can always dial the TurboTax phone number to learn how to become a TurboTax Advantage member. For manual details, you can also navigate to the official website of Intuit or TurboTax. Here, you will find a sign-up link for becoming an Advantage customer. If you already have a TurboTax account, then you may use it for all the services offered by TurboTax including Advantage membership.

For creating a new TurboTax account, you can simply create an account using your email address, User ID, as well as the phone number. Also, you need to set up a password for it so that nobody could gain unauthorized access to your account. Finally, you can click on the ‘Create Account’ option to get started with using your membership. You can also contact the support team via the TurboTax contact number whenever he comes across any difficulty during the tax filing process.

When to contact TurboTax phone number customer service?

Below are given some of the situations when you can seek direct help from TurboTax phone number customer service:

  • Users can dial the TurboTax phone number when they wish to know about the details about their order.
  • In case you are having difficulty while canceling your TurboTax Advantage subscription.
  • When you wish to learn about updating or confirming the information given in your Advantage account.
  • In case you are coming across error 1921 when the Intuit Update Service could not be updated.
  • When you wish to know if you have Advantage subscription or not.

Ways to contact TurboTax support

There are several ways to contact the support team of TurboTax for getting rid of any difficulty that you have while using TurboTax services:

  • Dial TurboTax contact number- by dialing the TurboTax phone number. The user can easily have a one-on-one conversation with the support team members. The support team representatives are readily available on the phone call throughout the day.
  • Get in touch with the TurboTax live chat member- in case you are unable to dial the support number.  You may get connected to them via the live chat option where a support representative will engage in a chat with you.
  • Email your query- in case the problem you are facing doesn’t need urgent assistance than users can compose an email concerning their queries to the support team.

If TurboTax phone number customer service doesn’t work, then go to the support page of TurboTax.

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